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Wose seye on rode 
Cambridge, Trinity College, MS 323, f. 83v

Wose seye on rode 
Iesus is lefmon---
Sori stod him bi wepinde 
Sent Marie and Sent Ion,


Anyone who saw on the cross
Jesus his lover----
Grief-stricken, St Mary and St John
Stood weeping beside him,

Is hewid him al abutun
Wid thornis iprikit,
Is faire hondin and is waire wed
Wid naylis ystickit,
Ys rug wid yerdis suonken,
His head all around
Pricked with thorns,
His beautiful hands and feet
Pierced with nails,
His back beaten with rods,
10   Ys syde wid sper ywundit,
Al for sunne of mon---
Sore he may wepin,
And bittre teris letin,
Mon thad of luue con.


His side wounded with a spear,
All because of man's sin---
He may weep his heart out
And shed bitter tears,
Anyone who knows what it is to love.
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