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what is mouvance?
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Vyen I on the rode se 
Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 57, f. 102v

Vyen I o the rode se
Faste nailed to the tre
Iesu mi lefman,
Ibunden bloc an blodi,


When I see on the cross
Nailed firmly to the wood
Jesus my lover,
Transfixed, pale and bloodstained,

An hys moder stant him bi
Wepande, an Iohan,
Hys bac wid scuurge iswungen,
Hys side depe istungen
For sinne an lowe of man,
And his mother stands beside him
Weeping, and John,
His back flogged with a scourge,
His side deeply pierced
For sin and love of man,
10   Weil auti sinne lete
An neb wit teres wete
[Y]if I of lowe kan.


I ought surely to renounce sin
And drench my face with tears
If I know what it is to love.
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