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Ho that sith him one the rode: text and translation
London, British Library, MS Harley 7322, f. 7r


Ho that sith him one the rode
Iesus his lemmon,
And his moder bi him stonde,
Sore wepinde, and seynt Iohan,


Anyone who sees for himself on the cross
Jesus his lover,
And his mother standing beside him,
Weeping bitterly, and St John,

And his syden stonge sore,
For the loue of the man,
Wel shulde he his sunne forsake,
Wete teres and eke leten,
That of loue can.


And his sides cruelly pierced
For the love of man,
He should certainly give up his sin,
And also shed flowing tears,
If he knows what it is to love.


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