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Lvtel wot hit any mon / Hou loue hym haueth ybounde: text
London, British Library, Harley MS 2253, f. 128r


Lvtel wot hit any mon
Hou loue hym haueth ybounde,
That for vs o the rode ron,
Ant bohte vs with is wounde.

The loue of him vs haueth ymaked sounde,
Ant ycast the grimly gost to grounde.
Refrain: Euer ant oo, nyht ant day, he haueth vs in is thohte;
He nul nout leose that he so deore bohte.

He bohte vs with is holy blod---

10  What shulde he don vs more?
He is so meoke, milde, ant good;
He nagulte nout ther-fore.
That we han ydon, Y rede we reowen sore,
Ant crien euer to Iesu Crist 'Thyn ore!'
15 Euer ant oo, niht ant day, et cetera.

He seh his fader so wonder wroht
With mon that wes yfalle:
With herte sorhe he seid is oht
We shulde abuggen alle.

20 His suete sone to hym gon clepe ant calle,
Ant preiede he moste deye for vs alle.
Euer ant oo, et cetera.

He brohte vs alle from the deth
Ant dude vs frendes dede;

25 Suete Iesu of Nazareth,
Thou do vs heuene mede!
Vpon the rode why nulle we taken hede?
His grene wounde so grimly conne blede.
Euer ant oo, et cetera.


30 His deope wounden bledeth fast;
Of hem we ohte munne.
He hath ous out of helle ycast,
Ybroht vs out of sunne.
For loue of vs his wonges waxeth thunne;
35 His herte blod he yef for al monkunne.
Euer ant oo, et cetera.


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